Westwood [Capital Rap Show] - 19 April 1991 (AUDIO)

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Se volete fare un tuffo nel 1991 questo è il momento giusto. Un bel podcast ci riporta esattamente il 19 aprile 1991 "Westwood [Capital Rap Show]"

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Extended Intro
Capleton ID
De La Soul - Rap De Rap Show
De La Soul – Afro Connections at a Hi 5
3rd Bass - Pop Goes the Weasel [World Premiere]
3rd Bass - Derelicts of Dialect
Son of Bazerk - Are You Wit Me
Son of Bazerk - The Band Gets Swivey On The Wheels
Ultramagnetic MCs ID
Clark Kent & Chubb Rock - 'Westwood, the Ignorant man' ID
Daddy Freddy ID
KRS - 200 Clips ID
Talk Break
Spectrum City - Radio Promo
EPMD & LL Cool J - Rampage [Demo/ Studio Mix]
Terminator X - Back to the Scene of the Bass
Gang Starr - Studio Guests
Gang Starr - Credit is Due
Talk Break
Gang Starr - Lovesick [Remix]
Talk Break
Gang Starr - Who's Gonna Take the Weight