Talal Kooheji & P. Ali - The Definition of Love (AUDIO)

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Talal Kooheji & P. Ali - The Definition of Love

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Original Lyrics by Talal Kooheji and Piero Ali Passatore
Graphic Design by Neko

P. Ali

Taking care of one another, you and me fit to perfection
A symbiosus of our beings and a sense of protection,
Love, such a short word that means so much to so many?
Definately the most powerful word in all the worlds dictionaries.

The definition of love? It’s subjective and universal at the same time,
Hard to define but when i hold your hand in mine i feel closer to the devine.
A complete balance between, heart, spirit, soul, body and mind,
Like your mother, best friend, sister and lover all in one bind.